angela bioAngela Moulin, Director/Teacher

Angela Moulin began her Bikram Yoga Journey in 2002.  She went to teacher training in 2003 in Los Angeles and has recertified every 3 years since.  She is a Mother of two and Grandmother of one.  Her son and daughter both practice (and her daughter teaches) Bikram Yoga regularly.  She opened her own school, Bikram Yoga Kansas City, in 2007.  From 2007 – 2012 she coached competitors and took 4 to the National Competition.  She helped cancer patients go into remission and has taught ages 5-93.  Angela strongly believes yoga therapy can heal the body mind and spirit.   Her favorite type of student is the beginner that needs help and guidance to help get their health and life together.

alex bioAlex Piatt, Teacher

Alex’s very first class was in 2003 when her mom came home from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training.  She practiced on and off throughout her teenage years and early 20s.  After bouncing around and trying different things Alex decided to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training herself in 2012.  It was a life changing ordeal for her and she has taught full time since.  She enjoys the physical and anatomical side of the yoga.  From a young age, the human body fascinated Alex.  Alex has one daughter born in 2014.

FullSizeRender1Blake Henderson (pictured with Bikram), Teacher

Hailing from Liberty Missouri, Blake found Bikram Yoga in 2010 and was instantly hooked.  His day job required him to be on his feet all day and Bikram helped him start to heal his body.  After three years of practice and traveling, Blake decided to go to Teacher Training in 2013.  Blake loves to share the yoga with anyone who is interested.  He wants to spread the love of Bikram Yoga around the world.  Blake enjoys the mental stability Bikram Yoga offers.  He finds clarity in the moving meditation and strives to lead others towards it.

Private Lessons on the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises are available through Angela starting at $75.  For more information  or to schedule please email Angela at Angela@kansascitybikramyoga.com.