January 19th 6:30 pm is our class Opening the New Year and New Moon Celebration vibration party so this class will be in dim lightening with other colored lights.

Every Friday 6:30 pm is a $10 drop in class!

Wishing you the best New Year. Happy 2018 from the staff of BYKC hot yoga

Peace and Love!

bikram schedule 120217Bikram Yoga and  E84 Intermediate classes are 90 minutes and Hot.

The Advance class is 2 hours and Hot

 New students please arrive 15 minutes early for registration to assure we can get you into class informed and relaxed.

The studio opens 30 minutes before each class, closes 30 minutes after each class

Showers available in the Men and Women’s bathrooms. In our lobby and entrance way we have lockers with locks for personal items. Please in the yoga room we keep it silent for meditation and only bring in Your mat, towel and water. Bare feet are better than shoes so please keep shoes with you personal items.

We want you to have a great experience and enjoy the heat! Please hydrate!