Studio Policies


In order to create a still and focused environment for your yoga practice, we ask that you respect the following policies in the studio:

  • Please refrain from use of cell phones inside the studio.
  • If you are on call and need to use a pager during class please see an instructor.
  • The yoga room is a talk free space, please keep conversations outside the door.
    • The Silent Yoga Room encourages a meditative place for practitioners.  Please respect their meditation by keeping the room silent.
  • Please wear appropriate work out clothing.  We do not allow people to practice in their underwear.   Swimsuits are allowed but no string bikinis.
  • Please do not wear cologne or perfume to class.
  • Do your best to remain in the room during your practice. Leaving the room is distracting to those around you, and unless absolutely necessary, is not encouraged.
  • If you need to leave,  please do so and return between postures rather than during them. (enter the back door, wait for the instructor to finish the posture, and then return to your mat)
  • Accommodate those around you by moving your mat when necessary to make room for all.
  • Please be conscious of moving with the class into and out of each posture when you are able, this builds a collective energy in the room.
  • Drink water only between different postures, not during a time in which other people are working.
  • Please do not use hand towels to secure your grip in postures  (no body lotion or moisturizer makes it easier).
  • Do not chew gum while you are practicing yoga.
  • Bring only your mat your towel and your water in the studio with you. Bags, keys, wallets, etc can all be left in the changing room. The entry door to the studio is locked during practice.
  • Please adhere to the Bikram Yoga series while taking a Bikram Yoga class. If you have special limitations or believe you are unable to do a posture the way it is intended, please see an instructor before creating your own form of modification.

We lock the door when class starts to ensure that everyone is here for the beginning breathing exercise.

Class is 90 minutes, if you do not have 90 minutes for yoga please come back on a day when you do.

We ask these things of you because we realize this practice to be so much more than a series of exercises.  In our experience, practicing in this style and discipline allows us to get much deeper into our practice. The Bikram Yoga series is a 90 minute moving meditation, and as Bikram teaches, this series is an opportunity for us to build our faith, self-discipline, determination, concentration, and patience.  The studio policies above all are aimed at building these aspects in your mind.

We are no longer offering “Bring a friend for free on Sunday”

They are the qualities which transfer off our mats and into our daily lives along with healthier, stronger, and more flexible bodies.

Thank you all for your continued involvement and energy you give to keep this studio going. We appreciate every one of you!

Please click here to view our child policy.