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BYKC has truly changed my life.  Since I have started Bikram Yoga at this studio,  I have never felt stronger.  I feel stronger in my mind, body, and spirit!  I no longer carry stress in my body.  Before I would need 1-2 massages a month just to try and keep stress free and keep my shoulder and back from hurting.   All I need now is Bikram Yoga to feel stress free & happy.  I feel that I am able to deal with stress and the ups & downs of life so much better.  I truly look forward to every class!  Everyone in the studio is extremely friendly and helpful.  I learn something new every time I am in class.  The instructors are amazing!  Angela, the director, is AWESOME!  She is extremely helpful and I have learned so much from her help during class.  By practicing Bikram Yoga I feel like I can do anything!  I am forever grateful and thankful for that wonderful 1st day when I walked into the studio to give it a try.  From the first day I knew that I would be a Bikram Yogi for life!  Thanks BYKC for changing my life for the better!


I have to say, yoga – in particular your studio has had an enormously positive impact on my life. For whatever reason, Bikram Yoga was presented to me at just the right time. Back in June when I did my 30 day challenge, my dad was dying and my family was all taking turns staying with him in the hospital. Anyway, he finally passed on after about 6 months of struggling the weekend of Father’s day. During this period, I was able to go into your studio and not think about anything but trying to do the poses. It cleared my head so I could function with kids and business. Your studio will always have a place in my heart for helping me get through that time.

May God continue to bless!


In November of 2008 I began to experience excruciating pain in my right lower back, as well as severe sciatica throughout my right leg. Through numerous doctor visits I found out that I have a birth defect in my lower spine where I am missing a bone that helps stabilize the right side of my spine…luckily it took 27 years of a very active life before it started to hurt.

I was told to go to physical therapy, but the pain just got worse. I was given epidurals of steroids that only provided a couple of weeks of relief. My options were a spinal fusion or chiropractic care at that point…I chose the chiropractor. He was amazing, but still there were bouts of acute pain that would render me bed ridden, unable to sit, stand, or even lay without pain. I would miss work and my social life became nil. I could only go out to eat at restaurants that had high tables so I could stand while my friends sat and ate. I had to wear a back brace and stand during class. Studying was even a painful task since sitting was about the worst position I could imagine. The chiropractor worked on me all summer, applying acupuncture as well as the adjustments. Eventually he sent me to a Pain Management doctor who told me I have extreme arthritis in my lower spine, and tried a Medial Branch Nerve Block, which is supposed to numb the pain, but sent me into another bout of acute bed-ridden sadness. It was then that I decided to take matters into my own hands and try Bikram yoga. I had taken one class a year or so earlier and thought it was the hardest thing I’d ever done, but remembered enjoying the challenge.

To end a long emotional journey of pain and suffering, I joined the Kansas City Bikram Yoga studio and could barely get in and out of most of the postures, but it wasn’t long before *great* improvements were made and it wasn’t much longer before I started feeling the healing benefits. I have been doing Bikram for 6 months now and my back pain is almost nonexistent. Through strengthening my core muscles, as well as every muscle in my body, and increasing flexibility I’m able to protect my spine and keep the acute pain at bay. There are days, if I have to sit for a long time that my back is still aggravated, but it is a pain far from that debilitating, horrible feeling I felt six months ago. I have to protect myself from injuries, my back will need TLC for the rest of my life and that will include yoga as the number one preventative for pain.

On a side note, I also have keratosis pilaris (those little red/white bumps some of us get on our upper arms(40% of the population is affected with this) and since I started practicing Bikram, they have all but disappeared! It’s great for the skin! Yay Bikram!

This link really helped me in the beginning (as well as teacher recommendations). Be sure to let your teacher know of your physical ailments before jumping in!


I love Bikram Yoga. It’s the first “exercise” I’ve done without the purpose of losing weight, gaining muscle, or even physical health (those are just bonuses). I started it as a way to save myself. And it’s working.

Before Bikram yoga, I fought depression, anxiety and had even had a few frightening panic attacks. Anti-depressants were recommended, but I was fearful of the side affects. Instead, I researched alternatives and learned about the healing qualities of yoga. For reasons I cannot explain, I was intensely drawn to Bikram’s style and to the 39th street studio. I soon gave into this force and joined my first class. I was surprised by the support I received starting my very first day. The yoga and the people I met in the studio changed my life. Even my son noticed the change and told me “You are a better mom when you are doing yoga.”

I’ve experienced too many benefits to list, but here are a few: self acceptance; stress reduction; increased ability to “let go”; less anger and judgment toward other people and myself; increased flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and balance; more routine and healthier eating habits; increased ability to focus; drastic reduction in IBS symptoms; slower rise to anger, increased ability to deal with pain; identification of physical and inner weaknesses and strengths

The steam in the room lifts the fog from my mind.


Hi Angela, I feel so much better when I am going to yoga class at least 3 times a week. I have osteoarthritis and it eases my aching body! I don’t know why… an increase in muscle strength around the joints? Even, my hands feel better. It was painful when I started, especially in my knees, but that decreased as time passed. I consider it preventive medicine. And it’s fun.