Class Descriptions


Bikram Yoga


Bikram Yoga is a complete system of wellness, restoration and rejuvenation. Bringing Bikram yoga into your life cleanses the body and calms the mind. The studio is HOT (over 100 degrees) to facilitate deeper stretching, prevent injury, relieve stress and tension and to detoxify the body. Bikram yoga was designed to systematically stimulate and restore health to every muscle, joint and organ of the body. Participants are guided through a series of 26 postures, each increasing in physical challenge. Participants of all ages notice an increase in energy, strength, balance, flexibility and mental focus. The body is flushed of toxins, leaving a deep sense of relaxation and well-being

Yoga is for everybody. Yoga is not about how flexible you are. It is about stretching your body and spine in all directions. All that matters is that you try the right way, go to your personal ‘edge’ and you will get 100% of the benefit. What you get from a yoga class is what you put into it. No matter how old or sick or out of shape, you can still stretch and have a new beginning with yoga. It’s never too late.

– Bikram Choudhury


E84 Intermediate Yoga


 E84 Intermediate class

The intermediate class is a hot 90 minute class that builds on the foundation created by Bikram’s Beginner Class. In this class we will begin to introduce new ideas and develop body parts for postures that require skills like arm balancing, leg over the head, deep backbends and lotus. No advanced skills are needed to participate in this class, but comfort practicing a Bikram class and a desire to expand are essential. Structured by Esak Garcia, this class prepares students for the more complex 84 posture class, from which Bikram yoga was derived.

The class contains one set of all the beginner series postures you already know but we expand further from this into new postures and variations. Each class will have a slightly different focus in terms of the skills and body parts we are working with. By developing awareness of your postures and parts of your body you will get some new ideas to take back to your Bikram practice as well. The parts of class with which you are familiar will move more quickly, with less instruction than a beginner’s class; whereas new ideas will be taught more thoroughly with a chance to ask questions.


Advance Series

available ONLY on Sundays at 11:30 

This series is a set series of 84 plus Asanas practiced in a heated room, the class is 2 hours with very few Savasanas. The advance series is Ashtanga Yoga in a set sequence inwhich is physical yoga finding stillness is the key. Similar to most of the Asanas practiced in the E84 series This series students will learn body parts needed to executed the asanas that are more complex then the beginners series. This series a student will penetrate deeper stretch in the joints, cleansing for all internal organs and a feeling of balance of the whole self. My rule of thumb with all the Yoga we practice, PLEASE DON’T  HURT YOURSELF. The class is enjoyable when taken to the level of practice you are at. Please listen to your body taking breaks as you need them.

Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga

This class is a transitional class from the Bikram Beginners series for women who become pregnant. Women whom are wanting to continue their Hot Yoga practice while pregnant modify the beginners so it is focus more on baby. If you are not a student of Bikram Yoga prior to becoming pregnant You must wait until your second trimester to start. If practiced correctly women find child-birth much easier with very little joint and back pain due to baby weight gain. Keeping the nerves claim and the stress levels down. Recommnedation is to not use this class as a work out this class is intended for Mommy and Baby’s health. Please follow the instructions from the Yoga teachers. This series again compliments the Bikram Beginners Series with out the front side pressure or compression postures. Your goal is not to get really Hot you will already feel the warmth from your hormones and the baby’s making you feel hotter. Please sit down to cool down when getting to hot and or leave the room as you may need to cool down if sitting down is not working. All of us MOMS that have practiced this sequence while pregnant experienced faster recovery from birth, more connected to baby, fully developed happy babies most of us dropped our baby weight very fast after birth.  When ready you can come back to your yoga sooner. After birth you will practice the pregnancy series for about 6 month to gentle move organs back in place and massage the reproductive system. Some moms have experience less time with this series and started the beginners again. That will be up to you. If you are nursing please remember it takes water to make Mommies Milk so you MUST drink at least 2 GALLONS of water the day you practice so you can produce milk. A gentle reminder this class is not about Mommy staying fit, it is creating a  connection between MOM and BABY and the health of both. Let us know that you are expecting as soon as you know and we will modify your Yoga practice.