New News for the New Year from BYKC

Our guru Bishnu Ghosh taught in Yoga Class, try to Control ONLY your muscles and your Breath.

After so long of applying that I have really let go of Control of any kind off my mat.  I am the loyal type, this yoga linage speaks to me so strongly. So I am sticking to it and exploring more. I have let go of wanting to control the whys? hows? whats? Just DO and BE ME  what has always served me is my intuition. I had to fly my wings expanded and the wind took me before I was ready! I flew to Bali Last Spring and I opened a new class called E84 Intermediate. This class has been a huge success. Celebrating almost 1 year on my schedule I will be opening a 3rd e84 class this coming spring. Another new class I opened that is not new at all is the Advance Series on Sundays, this is a 2 hour class and this class as well has had amazing attendance.  My community of Yogis understand the time is now and now is the time to explore more of what is important to individual selves. Coming soon e84 Saturday at 11:30 am. All are welcome to join this class and the Advance. You will only improve with practice. Yoga is 99% practice on the mat and 1% theory off the mat. Yes theory is so important but what you learn on the mat in your practice is how you will practice your challenges off the mat. I have to dig deeper and now practice what life has given me off the mat, making my practice on my mat just a little bit harder! Yes that can happen. My business faces due to the building I am in will have A CONDO BUILT ON my Yoga School. The new owner has broken my contract and gave me no choice but to a month to month deal. Staying is my  plan but we will see how it plays out with contraction. I have to now applied my yoga practice to my business practice of letting GO OF CONTROL and trust it all will work out.  The beauty of life is worth the experience of the unknown of tomorrow. Many of my students have been so amazingly great over the past years and moving forward knowing what is not important and seeing what is, THEMSELVES. Going deeper into silence NO thinking during physical Yoga class, clear your mind. The internal dialogue should be limited in this guided meditation. It is NOT exercise for the body as much as it is for the mind and yet Yoga has been proven by scientist it is the best way to EXERCISE, to get fit. Did you read that? To get fit.To become healthy. My first Yoga Teacher would say “Your birth right, healthy and happy” Yes what a way to think. So DON’T THINK when you come to us for Hot Yoga because you are not going to feel healthy or happy in the beginning just come. Go through each Asanas with the most ability you have. Your will find your way and that is a guarantee. New students come and go and my core community accepts each person taking them under their wings and helped them fly and the flock keeps building and the core keeps getting stronger. I give thanks to My staff small and mighty, talented, friendly and accepting. They are here for all of us because of their passion for the yoga and for people. As a nation we are challenged again in equality, All people treated fairly. What I love about the community I have created is that ALL students are of difference and NOT one student is treated unfairly. I take pride in the way I am with people. Of course I too have my days of low energy or unsettled emotions and again it goes back to the wonderful community we have of understanding. Hate is a creation of separation but LOVE is solid foundation for a community to heal in.  Keep reading great great people are still with us and more great people are coming with  more fabulous talents as great services are added take advantage of them like there is no tomorrow!!




Dr. Khalsa, we call him Dr. K leads us in meditation with no body movement.  Every Friday night starting at 8:15pm in the lobby of BYKC. He has lived in the neighborhood for many years and I met him when I moved my Yoga school to Valentine UpTown Shoppes. He along with other earth angles picked me up and helped me get going again spiritually, mentally and physically. At the time I had to move my yoga school, My Mother had died, My Granddaughter was born (thanking God for one Great event in the mist of yuck), I was having marriage problems. Bikram was charge of rape. Our Yoga headquarters in LA California closed. All of this life stuff was the Results of to much STRESS and my body filled with the illness of Arteries. What do you do? I did the best I could. So Grateful again for Dr. K. He has helped me with a part I didn’t get when I went to a mental therapist. He taught me the gift of innocence. He asked me in a treatment session as I was releasing a bath of tears, “Angela can you find the innocence in you and all those people that have hurt you directly and indirectly” WOW then he continued with “Can you be playful like a child in your heart and mind and see others the same way” Wooo. Applying this new way of thinking and feeling has brought me back to forgiveness and compassion. Long story short days and months now years have gone by of see him on a regular basis and we both feel its good for ALL of us to add his service to our community. Come and enjoy the sounds of his instruments, sit with us and meditate. Donations to him are encouraged not recommended. If you are joining us late then please enter the circle quietly. Meditation is until 9pm. Also leaving early out of the circle please do so quietly.




A Fantastic opportunity has happened for BYKC!! Our Yoga Teacher Blake Henderson has graduated from WellsSpring School of Allied Heath. Blake graduated with honors holding a 4.0 gpa and teaching 10 classes a week week after week. Thru the years working with Blake I have witnessed his strength mentally, emotional and physical, along with just being a great guy full of compassion. I received fire cupping integrated in with my massage, 90 minutes. Blake explained to me that it creates a myofascial decompression where adhesions in your fascia are broken up by sucking your tissue up into the cups. Helps with problem areas/joint worth limited range of motion. Helps with problem areas/joint worth limited range of motion. Feels uniquely relaxing. I felt amazing in my yoga class the next day. My body moved with less restriction. My stress felt less. I had a great night of sleep. I highly recommend massage with Yoga the two just go hand and hand. Prevention is the key to lower health care expense.  Contact Blake Henderson/Tula Body Works 816-745-6270   $60 an hour/$80 for 90 minutes.





Joining us from Denver Colorado last spring 2017. Ms. Laura Kantwerk introduced us to e 84 directly after her teacher training in Hawaii. She celebrated 1 year teaching E84 Intermediate as well as did the E 84 team celebrating 1 year of Training Teachers. Laura will soon marry a wonderful young man by the name of Matt a native of Lenexa Kansas. Making her home here she is now considered a local Kansas City girl with a lot of Yoga talent. I am thrilled to have her on teaching staff. She also teaches the Advance Class along with Bikram Series. Laura is best know for her planks, she has built us up to hold 2 minute planks in just half a year.  We are all getting strong cores!! She is solid and reliable source of white light.




 So many great creations to be grateful for here at BYKC. Getting out of your comfort zone or fighting what people think that becomes your way of thinking is hard to do but doable. If it has been a while since you have been in and/or have not seen the 2nd location come in rediscover YOUR POTENTIAL, peace and love to all Happy 2018, 11, infinity!


Forward Movement

The practice of Yoga Asana teaches us forward movement moving on from one attempt to the next in a very limited amount of time. Giving each posture practice with grace and love. Miracles begin to take place in half of second and less. More Love  moves in more visible to the self.  We start seeing ourselves with love. Each class passes with each day becomes month soon years. After 6 month to 1 year of our practice We start shedding the past years that had became stuck to ourselves realization something is not working as well as it could.  The unawareness tapping into the awareness therefore becoming AWARE!! While we experience a new life a new day we start taking life one day at a time. Ultimate respect for TIME.  We are teaching ourselves NOW STILLNESS SILENTS no matter what you feel how bad it may seem you have the experience of breathing yourself through the discomfort. After we practice this idea for even a second We feel lighter, freer able to live more in our personal truth. Pain free we move forward. The many teaching we get on the mat through the practice of Asana. Yoga carry through our life and  we experience a life evolving from something so simple maybe not easy but simple. Breathe each Breathe moves in around and out of our bodies, again and again and again keeping change happening with our material internal matter. Life Force Energy moving more than just air in and out of our lungs. Energy in and out of our lives Very quickly can Forward Movement happen even if it was years in the making.  A CHANGE HAPPENS TO ALL WITH MORE BREATHE IN THE BODY.  Job, career promotion, relationship, cities, or lifestyle. When the shift shifts we move forward leave much behind where it should be respected and remembered. Yoga used as therapy is the most brilliant concept I have ever experienced in saving time, worry, expense, sickness, money.  Progression Forward, Keep Truck’in!!

This past year BYKC hot yoga added a new class e84 Yoga, this class helps you explore more of the Asanas from our linage of the Advance Series. Finding different muscles in the body moving in a deeper range of motion in the joints. e84 yoga class has really taken off the day it started. Our darling friend Ute from the e84 Fall TT in Maui come in from Canada last St Patty’s Day weekend and taught us our very first e84 class.  I soon left for the TT  Spring 2017 in Bali, Indonesia. A fantastic opportunity for Kansas City to weather a internal storm that could wipe our yoga out. We were able to bring in a brilliant women named Laura whom is also e84 trained from fall TT in Maui. Soon Malory another one of our teacher will be leaving for the e84 TT in Costa Rica.  A teacher from each Teacher Training that e84 has had gives me the sign of Miracle of  Love Love teaching e84 and are working towards completing our certification is what is driving me back strength of not giving up on what I LOVE.  Practicing headstands, handstands, standing splits and so many more Yoga Asanas  to explore. This class excels the confidence and brings more students back to the beginning more advance in their practice. Incorporating these two classes on a regular basis will bring you to the Advance class in which the 26 where derived from. The Advance class is a 2 hour class only once a week on Sundays at 11:30 am. The circle of 3 classes practiced regularly will give you all the  one may need all classes practiced in the heat for the hot yoga LOVER. The classes are different Yes , but yet the same as they all bring us closer to our own personal truth our beliefs our spirit.  After 10 years of one set series this was a huge leap all within last 6 month in 2017.  I had to re invest more sweat and start rebuilding my losses and move forward. That was 2017 for BYKC hot yoga. Where I took my Yoga School in 2017 was years in the making. Students advancing their Yoga practice have been needing more. More is Less as Less is More. Easy and Simple is what Bishnu Ghosh’s yoga linage is. The practice is not hard what is hard is the way we will  judge our selves and that will make the yoga practice hard. Riding the body of Illness and disease caused by strain and stress to the nervous system is what this man studied his whole life. Our path takes us in different directions off of our intuition, our intelligence, truth and trust in our selves.  The Yogis called that Self Realization. Closing out 2017 I had a blast I went to Bali, I learned more about all of us, more about myself, I continue to Love my Yoga Practice and My Yoga Therapy Career. We had wonderful seminar and workshop and will continue so. Thank You for the past soon to be 11 years of great customers coming to BYKC hot yoga. All of you make it easy for all of us to give you great service.  Thank you Thank You for Loving the e84 and the Advance Class as much as I have. The classes are fun, community, and encouraging. Have a safe and Happy end of 2017. Class time January 1st New Year’s Day is at 9:30 am ONLY bikram series 90 minutes and hot.

Peace and Love

Angela Sinclair Moulin

I was given all the tools to become a YOGI

Greetings from Kansas City Bikram Yoga. This is the month to give Thanks and count our blessings. I AM Thankful. Many of us have good times and bad times but when the bad gets ugly what do we do? We turn to a family members, a friend, a spouse, pet, take a vacation, go to church or a therapist but do we spend time out of the noise and step into the silence. No we go deeper into the noise trying to fight our way out. It’s called fight and flight syndrome.

Yoga has been my lifesaver since I found it in 2000. My first Bikram Class was in 2002. A Bikram school just opened in town I was one of the first students. I AM Thankful.  I fell in love at first sweat drop. I started Yoga as a bored uninterested in most everything depressed person, over weight, over stressed from my prior business a hair salon, also I was a young single Mom tried of being judged.  I AM Thankful.

My first week of Bikram Yoga I felt interested in it. WOW to feel that again was amazing. I saw the sky bluer, I was spending less time sleeping, my clothes fit different, I was able to contain my temper, it was lessoning, I had more time for my daughter, more money. HOW? By bringing peace back into my heart. Getting out of ‘fight or flight’ I didn’t have to live my life in fear of the next customer not showing and needing the income, I found myself not even thinking about the next day.  I AM Thankful. I knew for me and many others in the yoga room this works for us and we built this beautiful community.  I AM so Thankful. I embarked on my journey after 1 year of practice I decided to go to TT in LA. I have been teaching this method since 2003 non stop, the only time I had to stop was when I built out My yoga school in 2006 and was asked to leave and no longer practice at her school, her fear was me taking some of the costumers. Not my intention it was one of my most saddest days. I felt so alone and afraid. I am Thankful. I made the horrible mistake of letting my temper out that I thought was managed. The situation became a fight the fight turned into the Hatfield and McCoy story. Alone and scared. I AM Thankful.

My journey continued, I took some of my loan money and went to LA to work briefly for Bikram Choudhury. A Non paying job to teach at HQ but well worth it for the knowledge I gained. Bikram liked me at his front desk more than he liked my class I taught. When I could visit LA to help at TT I would be given office stuff to help with or trainee drama but never did he let me teach. Smile!! I AM Thankful. Learning how to teach putting it all together in a public setting with the room well over 105 plus degrees did not come natural to me at first. I really had to work hard at it. I AM Thankful. I continued on my path to become a Yogi and at this time my weight was probable 160 lbs. It was the clamminess I felt and the way my life was changing that I realized this is a lifestyle this isn’t an activity nor a cult not even close. Yoga goes beyond exercise. I AM Thankful for My Yoga it is very dear to me.

A huge spiritual shift happened for me in 2010 and  I walked away from the organization but not the Yoga nor Bikram’s certified teachers. I did this without going public. 2012-2013 around that time somewhere Bikram wanted to Franchisee. I DID NOT sign up but could still use BIKRAM YOGA as my business name. I AM Thankful.  I continued to quit on the USA Yoga competitions, I slowed way down on traveling to TT and HQ. I quit re-certifying. Why? My spiritual path of needing Drama out of my life. Drama can be many many things. I don’t know enough about any of the drama Bikram created to talk about that I was not around.  Drama for me is like Trauma it triggers my depression and I can be in bed for up to 5 days when its bad, 2 when mild, None when I stay away from people who are drama filled. We all have some drama that’s life I am talking about the people whom are addicted to it. I stopped traveling to LA and started traveling to Seminars led by other Bikram Certified Teachers. I AM Thankful.

The beauty of how I see the Midwest. Its like a remote Island without the beauty of the ocean, not a lot of people are leaving and not a lot of people are coming. One can isolate themselves and that’s what I did. I found the Yogis I needed to help me develop as a Yoga teacher. I AM Thankful. I took it upon myself to seek the knowledge. In the past years of my career I have worked with people with conditions such as Cancer, Aids (close to my heart my cousin died of Aids in the 80’s when it was considered the gay mans disease, how can we humans be so mean?)  surgeries, pregnancies, many different heart conditions, steel rod spines, depression, arthritis, sclerosis, acne, over weight, bladder infections, super command bad back and knees, misalignment’s, if you have an illness No problem, because you can start changing how you talk and think about your body. Yoga combined with other ideas of medicine, exercise, faiths, diets is very healing.  This Yoga Series from India passed down to Bikram by Bishnu Ghosh is East meets West use everything that’s available to take the stress and strain out of the body and the mind. I am Thankful.

At this time I AM going public I don’t support the behavior of Bikram. His life is also non of my business but he is the founder of this series in my country so it does effects my business, the student flow and financially vitality. I will continue to call my business Bikram Yoga because that is what it is BUT I have fully DISASSOCIATED WITH HIM. I am Thankful. I have learned so much through the years of self love and acceptance of who I am how I am and how I treat people and the plant. I have watched and have experienced the behavior of others enough to know I AM Thankful to BE me. Its inspirational no matter what we are inspired to either be like someone or to NOT be like someone but for the most part I have learned we do all have a little innocence left in us. To live is to forgive and to NOT forget. As we forget we repeat and when we repeat we don’t forgive. I AM Thankful. We have no enemies, the enemy is in the mind.


Peace and Love! Happy November!! OK you know me, Back to business. We are Open Thanksgiving Day, class starts at 8 am BIKRAM series 90 minutes and HOT.