Anything is Everything

We get busy in our days soon we need more and the nights begin the day as the morning passes without notice. The time of year has come for the days to be longer and classes to feel hotter. I encourage you to give anything you have when you put your self on your mat. More Love, Compassion, will. The list could keep going but you know what I mean. Everything I have now with my yoga practice started with Anything I CAN.

I have rebuilt myself up from a personal low and and a professionals darkness. I made it through the struggle going through the pain on and off my mat from ANYTHING I can give to ME.  I have found a strength and belief in this Yoga Linage I gracefully fell into.  In May 1 year of the New classes from our linage of yoga Asanas that have made it permanently on my class schedule. These two classes have been successful since open. The Advance is from Bishnu Ghosh’s full class that the 26 and 2 breathing came from. The intermediate class structured by a Bikram Teacher Esak Garcia that has really changed the future of our Yoga School. This means Everything that restarted with Anything.

No doubt my teacher is Bikram Choudhury its like my birth religion Yes its Catholicism.  I came to learn that All of that came with Karma that become mine Karma, directly and indirectly from my birth to now, HOLY HOLY or HOLY COW. Anything I had pulled from those two experiences was helping me To pull through with  anything out of the experience to have Everything to get through the dark. That ALL great things can create. FORGIVE FORGIVE. I have Everything I need I learned FORGIVENESS AND REALIZED ITS DIFFERENT THAN FORGETTING. I got from both what I needed to move on.

I agreed in 2006 when I affiliated with Bikram Choudhury when opening my school. Bikram Yoga College of India Kansas City Missouri LLC. It was an agreement!! OK Anyone with any kind of sense knew. Wait!! I can open one of these schools off my word. How sweet is this. Have I just meant the OZ? AM I over the RAINBOW!! I was Bikram trained, I would teach only Bikram Yoga, ONLY use his teachers no problem he was training 500-1000 a year. The business concept was above and beyond. The business POPPED first day and rode that for years. It fell in 2013 and financially and spiritually was deeply challenging. It rode that way until  2017 I broke silently broke that agreement adding different classes and allowing yoga teachers to teach that are not Bikram Certified. I wont be going back to my old ways. This day has come for me to change my business name. The name is beginning secured and then will be shared later. I am blessed by my beliefs and my yoga practice that I leave Anything I have and  created Everything I need. I know you all will continue to love your experience with HOT YOGA. At the end of the day We have our self Integrity We have our self Love We are never allow. I am so grateful this change has come in the time of a time of Light.

Name transition doesn’t meant the END of Bikram’s method its means the preservation of it BEGINS. The name I chose I chose wisely when googled all Goodness comes up about the Yoga we all have saved our lives with. Everyone Forgive and the work pays off. In your time, come back TO YOUR YOGA nothing much has changed. Allow your mind to fill up with all the pleasant moments those thoughts are better for the NEURONS IN THE LONG RUN.  Anything is Everything. Peace and Love Angela


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