Forward Movement

The practice of Yoga Asana teaches us forward movement moving on from one attempt to the next in a very limited amount of time. Giving each posture practice with grace and love. Miracles begin to take place in half of second and less. More Love  moves in more visible to the self.  We start seeing ourselves with love. Each class passes with each day becomes month soon years. After 6 month to 1 year of our practice We start shedding the past years that had became stuck to ourselves realization something is not working as well as it could.  The unawareness tapping into the awareness therefore becoming AWARE!! While we experience a new life a new day we start taking life one day at a time. Ultimate respect for TIME.  We are teaching ourselves NOW STILLNESS SILENTS no matter what you feel how bad it may seem you have the experience of breathing yourself through the discomfort. After we practice this idea for even a second We feel lighter, freer able to live more in our personal truth. Pain free we move forward. The many teaching we get on the mat through the practice of Asana. Yoga carry through our life and  we experience a life evolving from something so simple maybe not easy but simple. Breathe each Breathe moves in around and out of our bodies, again and again and again keeping change happening with our material internal matter. Life Force Energy moving more than just air in and out of our lungs. Energy in and out of our lives Very quickly can Forward Movement happen even if it was years in the making.  A CHANGE HAPPENS TO ALL WITH MORE BREATHE IN THE BODY.  Job, career promotion, relationship, cities, or lifestyle. When the shift shifts we move forward leave much behind where it should be respected and remembered. Yoga used as therapy is the most brilliant concept I have ever experienced in saving time, worry, expense, sickness, money.  Progression Forward, Keep Truck’in!!

This past year BYKC hot yoga added a new class e84 Yoga, this class helps you explore more of the Asanas from our linage of the Advance Series. Finding different muscles in the body moving in a deeper range of motion in the joints. e84 yoga class has really taken off the day it started. Our darling friend Ute from the e84 Fall TT in Maui come in from Canada last St Patty’s Day weekend and taught us our very first e84 class.  I soon left for the TT  Spring 2017 in Bali, Indonesia. A fantastic opportunity for Kansas City to weather a internal storm that could wipe our yoga out. We were able to bring in a brilliant women named Laura whom is also e84 trained from fall TT in Maui. Soon Malory another one of our teacher will be leaving for the e84 TT in Costa Rica.  A teacher from each Teacher Training that e84 has had gives me the sign of Miracle of  Love Love teaching e84 and are working towards completing our certification is what is driving me back strength of not giving up on what I LOVE.  Practicing headstands, handstands, standing splits and so many more Yoga Asanas  to explore. This class excels the confidence and brings more students back to the beginning more advance in their practice. Incorporating these two classes on a regular basis will bring you to the Advance class in which the 26 where derived from. The Advance class is a 2 hour class only once a week on Sundays at 11:30 am. The circle of 3 classes practiced regularly will give you all the  one may need all classes practiced in the heat for the hot yoga LOVER. The classes are different Yes , but yet the same as they all bring us closer to our own personal truth our beliefs our spirit.  After 10 years of one set series this was a huge leap all within last 6 month in 2017.  I had to re invest more sweat and start rebuilding my losses and move forward. That was 2017 for BYKC hot yoga. Where I took my Yoga School in 2017 was years in the making. Students advancing their Yoga practice have been needing more. More is Less as Less is More. Easy and Simple is what Bishnu Ghosh’s yoga linage is. The practice is not hard what is hard is the way we will  judge our selves and that will make the yoga practice hard. Riding the body of Illness and disease caused by strain and stress to the nervous system is what this man studied his whole life. Our path takes us in different directions off of our intuition, our intelligence, truth and trust in our selves.  The Yogis called that Self Realization. Closing out 2017 I had a blast I went to Bali, I learned more about all of us, more about myself, I continue to Love my Yoga Practice and My Yoga Therapy Career. We had wonderful seminar and workshop and will continue so. Thank You for the past soon to be 11 years of great customers coming to BYKC hot yoga. All of you make it easy for all of us to give you great service.  Thank you Thank You for Loving the e84 and the Advance Class as much as I have. The classes are fun, community, and encouraging. Have a safe and Happy end of 2017. Class time January 1st New Year’s Day is at 9:30 am ONLY bikram series 90 minutes and hot.

Peace and Love

Angela Sinclair Moulin


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