I was given all the tools to become a YOGI

Greetings from Kansas City Bikram Yoga. This is the month to give Thanks and count our blessings. I AM Thankful. Many of us have good times and bad times but when the bad gets ugly what do we do? We turn to a family members, a friend, a spouse, pet, take a vacation, go to church or a therapist but do we spend time out of the noise and step into the silence. No we go deeper into the noise trying to fight our way out. It’s called fight and flight syndrome.

Yoga has been my lifesaver since I found it in 2000. My first Bikram Class was in 2002. A Bikram school just opened in town I was one of the first students. I AM Thankful.  I fell in love at first sweat drop. I started Yoga as a bored uninterested in most everything depressed person, over weight, over stressed from my prior business a hair salon, also I was a young single Mom tried of being judged.  I AM Thankful.

My first week of Bikram Yoga I felt interested in it. WOW to feel that again was amazing. I saw the sky bluer, I was spending less time sleeping, my clothes fit different, I was able to contain my temper, it was lessoning, I had more time for my daughter, more money. HOW? By bringing peace back into my heart. Getting out of ‘fight or flight’ I didn’t have to live my life in fear of the next customer not showing and needing the income, I found myself not even thinking about the next day.  I AM Thankful. I knew for me and many others in the yoga room this works for us and we built this beautiful community.  I AM so Thankful. I embarked on my journey after 1 year of practice I decided to go to TT in LA. I have been teaching this method since 2003 non stop, the only time I had to stop was when I built out My yoga school in 2006 and was asked to leave and no longer practice at her school, her fear was me taking some of the costumers. Not my intention it was one of my most saddest days. I felt so alone and afraid. I am Thankful. I made the horrible mistake of letting my temper out that I thought was managed. The situation became a fight the fight turned into the Hatfield and McCoy story. Alone and scared. I AM Thankful.

My journey continued, I took some of my loan money and went to LA to work briefly for Bikram Choudhury. A Non paying job to teach at HQ but well worth it for the knowledge I gained. Bikram liked me at his front desk more than he liked my class I taught. When I could visit LA to help at TT I would be given office stuff to help with or trainee drama but never did he let me teach. Smile!! I AM Thankful. Learning how to teach putting it all together in a public setting with the room well over 105 plus degrees did not come natural to me at first. I really had to work hard at it. I AM Thankful. I continued on my path to become a Yogi and at this time my weight was probable 160 lbs. It was the clamminess I felt and the way my life was changing that I realized this is a lifestyle this isn’t an activity nor a cult not even close. Yoga goes beyond exercise. I AM Thankful for My Yoga it is very dear to me.

A huge spiritual shift happened for me in 2010 and  I walked away from the organization but not the Yoga nor Bikram’s certified teachers. I did this without going public. 2012-2013 around that time somewhere Bikram wanted to Franchisee. I DID NOT sign up but could still use BIKRAM YOGA as my business name. I AM Thankful.  I continued to quit on the USA Yoga competitions, I slowed way down on traveling to TT and HQ. I quit re-certifying. Why? My spiritual path of needing Drama out of my life. Drama can be many many things. I don’t know enough about any of the drama Bikram created to talk about that I was not around.  Drama for me is like Trauma it triggers my depression and I can be in bed for up to 5 days when its bad, 2 when mild, None when I stay away from people who are drama filled. We all have some drama that’s life I am talking about the people whom are addicted to it. I stopped traveling to LA and started traveling to Seminars led by other Bikram Certified Teachers. I AM Thankful.

The beauty of how I see the Midwest. Its like a remote Island without the beauty of the ocean, not a lot of people are leaving and not a lot of people are coming. One can isolate themselves and that’s what I did. I found the Yogis I needed to help me develop as a Yoga teacher. I AM Thankful. I took it upon myself to seek the knowledge. In the past years of my career I have worked with people with conditions such as Cancer, Aids (close to my heart my cousin died of Aids in the 80’s when it was considered the gay mans disease, how can we humans be so mean?)  surgeries, pregnancies, many different heart conditions, steel rod spines, depression, arthritis, sclerosis, acne, over weight, bladder infections, super command bad back and knees, misalignment’s, if you have an illness No problem, because you can start changing how you talk and think about your body. Yoga combined with other ideas of medicine, exercise, faiths, diets is very healing.  This Yoga Series from India passed down to Bikram by Bishnu Ghosh is East meets West use everything that’s available to take the stress and strain out of the body and the mind. I am Thankful.

At this time I AM going public I don’t support the behavior of Bikram. His life is also non of my business but he is the founder of this series in my country so it does effects my business, the student flow and financially vitality. I will continue to call my business Bikram Yoga because that is what it is BUT I have fully DISASSOCIATED WITH HIM. I am Thankful. I have learned so much through the years of self love and acceptance of who I am how I am and how I treat people and the plant. I have watched and have experienced the behavior of others enough to know I AM Thankful to BE me. Its inspirational no matter what we are inspired to either be like someone or to NOT be like someone but for the most part I have learned we do all have a little innocence left in us. To live is to forgive and to NOT forget. As we forget we repeat and when we repeat we don’t forgive. I AM Thankful. We have no enemies, the enemy is in the mind.


Peace and Love! Happy November!! OK you know me, Back to business. We are Open Thanksgiving Day, class starts at 8 am BIKRAM series 90 minutes and HOT.


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