Over coming fear

Fear, What are we talking about? The unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous and likely to cause you pain and or a threat.  Can we over come fear? Using your intuition and best judgment to keep you safe and  I say Yes, we can. Mainly try not to listen to others take their advice as it suits you. We can over come and achieve anything we want with concentrated thought habits. Changing the way you see and hear the world. How YOU see and hear the world. Not trying to see or hear it through others because we are all so different and uniquely the same. Face the fear basically by staring straight at it.

I was very shy as a little girl. I remember as a child I would come around from hiding behind my mothers leg to speak to a stranger to me a good friend of my Mothers.  She would pull me around from behind her leg and say, speak to this women she said hello. I remember saying very faint, Hi and the person saying ‘Cat got your tongue’ I visualized a cat literally getting my tough. That in its self made me want to keep my mouth shut. My Mother took me everywhere she went and everywhere we went she made me talk to people. She knew and never gave up on what her part in my life was not just being my Mother for this life time. She taught me to look up into their eyes if those eyes are speaking to you then you speak back. Now I talk a lot to  complete strangers and sometimes to much but I also know most people are not that strange after all.  I over came my fear of talking and meeting people. That has been a huge gift as both of the business I have owed are people oriented. I love meeting new people but at times I still hear that lady say “Cat got your tongue” and Mom saying”look into their eyes”

We can often get fear projected on us by others and we become fearful when we are not. I recently went to Bali for a Yoga teacher training and my father whom recently lost his wife my Mother said to me “I cant afford to loose anyone else” as he stated to me. My response is true from my heart “Dad I will have to live to be an old women I feel it in my bones, I am not going to die” His fear of losing me then turned into anger that I was going and then into silence and a wall between us because of my decision to still make the trip.He and I are fine again because I got home safely.  I respect my Father and I too will do this to my kids sometimes. My son in 5th grade wanted to start walking to school we live in the quite sub burrs of Kansas City but in order for me to not fear his walk we bought him a cell phone. I too am guilty  of fearing and projecting my fears. I have learn to keep most of it on the down load because of my own experience of what projected fear and fear itself can do.What we each have to realize is our life is our journey life and we can include others but we are really on it alone. That’s the spiritual beauty of living.

My Mother left me the best quote of my life, she said “Never judge another until you have walked a mile in their moccasins” with that said my judgment keeps me safe not afraid.


Angela Sinclair Moulin

One thought on “Over coming fear

  1. Angela, I just read your post, “Over coming fear”. I have all ways know you are a very good writer. Words flow easy for you and you have a very good taste for the sentence. Your mother and father taught you well and you are doing the same for your children. Teaching is the oldest and greatest profession you have chosen well. your yoga friend john t.

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