Leap Of Faith


I recently traveled to Ubud Bali for a four week training of the 84 advanced asanas from our lineage.  The city was filled with the smell of incense and flowers.  It was a hot, humid and compact city.  The air buzzed with the sound of the motor bikes that filled the streets.  Most of the citizens were either Hindu or Muslim, creating a divine culture.  Ceremonies and honoring mandalas make up a big part of their day.  The city environment was peaceful and a perfect place for training.

Every day we started at 6:30 AM with a short walk to the Ubud Yoga Center.  The morning typically began with a chant, 30 minute mediation, then a four hour Hot Yoga class.  In this class we studied the 84 asanas.  84 is a very spiritual number.  The series represents Ascending Masters, God, as I will say it.  In this sequence you will come to understand your higher-self preparing your mind for deep meditation.

Our day usually ended around 8 PM, once our anatomy and posture clinics were over.  I received 200 hours from Yoga Alliance and will have two more years of practicum studies of Yoga Asanas to complete the course.  The class is called e84.

Join us for e84 at Bikram Yoga Kansas City, offered twice a week.  Tuesdays at 9:30 AM and Thursdays at 6:30 PM.

The Advanced Class will come to the schedule this Fall on Sundays at 11:30 AM.



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