Why Yoga? Why not rock climbing?

Or running?  Or CrossFit? Or that gym class you have been thinking of enrolling in?  Why should you focus on a yoga practice before considering other forms of exercise? 

Here is the best news you have heard today, you don’t have to pick!  Yoga enhances the results of other forms of exercise.  Whatever results you are looking for from your fitness regime can only come faster and more dramatically with a regular yoga practice.  Want to lose that belly fat?  Yoga strengthens the core and helps transform fat to muscle.  Combine yoga with a routine including more core exercises and sprinkle a little fat burning cardio work on top and watch the belly fat melt away. 

Not only does yoga enhance the benefits of other forms of exercise, but a regular yoga practice can help heal the damage caused to the body.  Running is wonderful cardiovascular and fat burning exercise.  It has been linked to lowering depression and anxiety.  Running is also hard on the joints.  Especially the knees and ankles.  CrossFit is excellent strength and endurance training, but lifting the heavy weights is hard on the back.  A regular yoga practice heals the damage these other forms of exercise cause.  Where other exercise decreases flexibility, yoga increases flexibility.  Essentially, with a regular yoga practice, you can stay active for longer.  You can enjoy the benefits of other exercise without worrying about the possible damages. 

Yoga by itself is a complete system of wellness.  Yoga increases strength, flexibility and endurance.  It transforms fat into muscle and heals many injuries and ailments.  Yoga eases chronic pain and other chronic illnesses.  It increases energy and helps calm and clear the mind.  During yoga, meditation is encouraged and the physical practice brings the mind back to the body.  Meditation leads to calmer, clearer thoughts and helps increase positive thinking and productivity.  With a regular yoga practice you can wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day. 


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