Did you realize when you practice Bikram Yoga you are mainly practicing three different types of Yoga? Hatha, Raja and Karma Yoga!

Hatha Yoga is physical Yoga that emphasizes flexibility and health.

Raja Yoga means Royal, this yoga teaches us breathing techniques and meditation. It is one of four Yogas in Hindusim.

Karma Yoga means action. Consist of entirely selfless service in which the ego is given up to the desire to serve the Devine. It is the path of doing the right thing and accepting destiny as it comes.

All three of these Yogas require discipline when practicing the exercise regiment. You will improve your skills being trained by instructors. In this 90 minute class heated to 105 with humidity of 30-40%, you will hear ‘Don’t Move’ ‘find your stillness’. With this said you will do the best of your ability to achieve stillness. Don’t worry as you practice this method. You will get better at holding your body and mind completely still.

Sometimes I am asked after class, If I am upset? Were you yelling at me? What did I do to make you say this? Please don’t take it personal as this is a personal practice it’s a part of the discipline. See you in class!! Namaste.

In memory of a dear student Meredith Wilson whom asked me years ago to start blogging.

Peace and Love, Angela S Moulin, owner of BYKC

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