Optimal Way to Stand Out of a Posture

Some days we cannot (or do not want to) do all the postures in the 26 and 2 series.  That’s a-OK!  When we are in the floor series, what to do in lieu of posture is just stay in dead body pose (or savasana).   During the standing series it can be a little less of a clear cut answer.   If you want to stay out of posture during the standing series the absolute best thing to do is just stand perfectly still in what is called Standing Savasana.  Pictured here: ImageJust stand as still as you can and face silently into the front mirror.  Work on catching your breath and readying yourself to rejoin the class.   If you are feeling hot, dizzy or nauseous and standing out alone is not helping, next you can try sitting in Firm Pose or Vajrasana also referred to as “Japanese Style  Pictured here: Image What you absolutely want to avoid is laying down during the standing series.  Most of the time, laying down during the standing series does not help nausea or encourage you to get back up and rejoin the class.   The amount of effort it takes to fully lay down then fully stand back up adds to the stress on the body and can actually further increase your heart rate.    So if you need a break, no worries!  Take it, but try to stay on your feet or even sitting in Firm Pose.  

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