Thank You!

We want to take a moment to again thank the BYKC Community for the wonderful year we are having!   Thank you for your non-stop support and happy smiling faces.   Thank you for pooling together to help Meredith in her fight against cancer.  The outcome was overwhelmingly beautiful and the way the community came together was as inspiring as it was touching.   Thank you for your energy and giving this studio the wonderful feeling it has.   

Thank you to the teachers!  Coming in and giving their all to push practitioners to a new level during the 90 minute class.  Molly, Eva, Angela, Blake and Alex, the studio would not be the same without you all!  Thank you for coming in day after day, class after class, and loving every minute of it.  

Thank you to the Captain of the ship, Angela.  Keeping the doors open and studio running is a full time job.  Thank you for doing it and making this such a wonderful place to be.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!  See you in the Hot Box.

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