Our Student Spotlight: Daniel Coleman

This week our Student Spotlight is Daniel Coleman.  Dan’s favorite posture is Archer Pose, while he has a little less love for Tree Pose.  He is in his 6th month of yoga practice (3 of those months are Bikram months).  When asked, why Bikram? Dan responded: “Bikram helps to balance my mental state first and foremost. Further, the heat has a detox and cleansing affect that I really like. Unlike weights or running etc. Bikram has great physical effects without the high impact.”.  Outside of Bikram he enjoys spending time with family, animals, cycling, and traveling.  Next time you see him ask him about his cycling adventures!  He spends a lot time with his lovely sister and her daughters.  Most of the rest of his family is spread around the country.  He is in the commercial real estate business, and wants to vacation in the Greek Isles.  Dan loves to eat anything from yobodish.com (I also checked it, looks DELICIOUS)… Daniel feels like he should have been a dog.  He enjoys reading subjects like history and politics, and hopes to attend the Bluegrass Festival in Telluride in the spring! 

Lovely to meet you Daniel!  If you want to be next weeks student, click here!


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