Happy Halloween!

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out and celebrated Halloween with us!  We loved seeing everyone in their creative costumes!  Our community is what makes BYKC so special!  Here are a few pictures from the day.  




It seems fitting to review Halloween as the final movie of our Countdown to Halloween.  

Created by another legendary horror movie creator, John Carpenter, Halloween tells the story of another iconic and horrifying serial killer.  Michael Myers is a serial killer that breaks out of an institution just in time to go on a Halloween night killing spree.  Playing off of the already creepy feeling of the holiday Michael Myers has added a little extra horror to the night for decades.  Instead of ghosts and goblins Halloween brings a very real threat to the screen.  Most will argue that ghosts, goblins, monsters, werewolves, etc do not exist.  No one can argue that there are not angry psychos out there in the dark.  It adds to the terror that is Michael Myers.  


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