This is Jeni Odell!


1384355_10152789704852316_1439254441_nThis is Jeni Odell!  She’s a back bending lovin’ blonde, even though, she has less love for Awkward Pose.  Her one year anniversary with the practice came on October 23rd 2013, and she’s looking forward to many more years to come!  When asked why Bikram she says: “Finding Bikram took away any fear for the longevity of my career, as most massage therapists can potentially blow out their wrists or thumbs . I no longer have that concern. What it does to strengthen my body is only a fraction of how much it strengthened my mind, character and belief in myself. It also gifted me the amazing yoga family I now have.” Outside of Bikram she loves belly laughing and wine with good friends.  In her spare time she “looses herself dancing like a white girl fool.” and watches Horror movies.  She is a closet dance movie fan! (who isn’t?..) Her thoughts on her awesome family “weird. small, awesome. my dad is a piece of work, but yoga gives the patience to love him anyway. my mom is the nicest, sweetest person on the planet. my brother…ah robbie. he is my best friend. as we share the same sense of humor, i asked him the other day, “so there is sarcastic humor, dry humor, witty humor… how would you put a name to our sense of humor?” his response, “it’s a bit ‘punny’ and borderline offensive” well said robbie.”  (I couldn’t have put it better). Jeni is an excellent Massage Therapist, that loves potatoes.   She says they can be fixed anyway!  She would love to visit Morocco some day.   When asked about a “quirky fact” about her she replied:  “I don’t even know how to narrow it down. i need the question to be last but not least, normal fact about you? answer: well damn! i really wracked my brain for an answer to that, ha! i suppose the only way i can put it is i AM the quirky fact.”

Love it Jeni! Thanks for the answers.  Do you want to be the student of the week? Click HERE!



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