Its the Final Countdown! Se7en days to Halloween!

Thursday the 24th: Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal/Red Dragon

An absolute must see, instant classic!  With an all star cast including Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, it goes with out saying the acting in this movie is top notch.  The terror from Silence of the Lambs doesn’t come from gore (even though there is a good amount in the movie) or from something popping out at you and yelling BOO.  The terror comes from Anthony Hopkins’ dialogue.  Out of any portrayal of a psychopath,  Anthony does it the best.  Beautifully written and executed this movie almost goes beyond being a movie.  The characters are real and engrossing.  Just watch it, and then finish the story with its not-as-good-but-worth watching sequels.  Until you get to Hannibal Rising.. Skip that one.

Friday the 25th: Psycho

An American Classic.  One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous films.   A story with a little romance, theft, and a lotta scares.  It paved the way for slasher films to take the horror scene.   At its release, the movie was ground breaking.  Now, it is one of the most analyzed and acclaimed horror/suspense movies ever.  Widely referenced and well known in culture, even people who have not seen the movie usually understand references.   The black and white add to the creepy setting of the film.  The movie is detail oriented, making it possible to watch over and over and still catch new little details.  A October must-watch, but make sure you shower first.

Saturday the 26th:  The Ring

On first glance, this movie doesn’t sound all that original or appealing.  In fact, it is not original, it is a remake.  As far as appealing goes, that depends on your definition of appealing.  If creepy kids and mysterious killer VHS tapes are your thing, this is the movie for you.  The Ring has its fair share of scary parts as well as suspense and mystery.  It draws you in as the main character tries to get to the bottom of the story behind the video.   The movie is beautifully shot and the acting is decent.  The movie carries itself and keeps you entertained until the end.

Sunday the 27th: The Crazies

This is a fun take on “zombies”.  Instead of zombies, they use psychopathic humans.  Its a relatively typical “zombie” beginning, a cute small town in Iowa, a mysterious outbreak, followed by chaos.  Starring Timothy Olyphant in the role he does best, Sherrif, the movie follows a group of survivors trying to leave a small town that was contaminated.  Here’s the twist, instead of mindless, slow, moaning zombies, the town turns into insane killers.   The more the rage flows the more exciting the movie gets.  At its core, The Crazies is a hack and slash zombie flick, but the film makers changed the feel completely when they turned zombies into rage filled humans.  A great twist on a classic story.

Monday the 28th: It

Coulrophobia, or the extreme fear of clowns, is one of the most common phobias in the world.  I am pretty sure Stephen King’s It is to blame.  This is a movie about childhood bonding and fears coming back to haunt them as adults.  Although It was technically a Mini Series when it came out, it has been pushed together to create one long movie.  It is rather long (195 Minutes) but it can be watched in two parts.  It is split up nicely because it used to be two episodes.  Tim Curry stars as Pennywise the evil dancing clown and he works the role perfectly.  A slightly goofy but fun horror movie.  It has its moments of pure terror, especially if you fear clowns.

Tuesday the 29th: Silent Hill

Silent Hill was originally released as a horror game.  A horrifically horrifying horror game.  In 2006 Hollywood made a shockingly good version for the big screen.  Silent Hill is about a creepy ghost town with the same name that draws in victims.  Silent Hill gives the phrase “ghost town” a whole new meaning.  Extremely well crafted, the movie brings Silent Hill to life.  The ghosts look terrifyingly real.  The mystique and history of the town keep the movie interesting and keeps you engaged.   Silent Hill is an all-around great horror movie.

Wednesday the 30th: A Nightmare on Elm Street

From legendary horror film creator, Wes Craven, comes A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Wes Craven created one of the most well known and iconic serial killers of all time when he introduced Freddy Krueger, a serial killer-ghost that comes to his victims in their sleep.  The first movie was hugely successful and followed by many more.  Freddy Krueger is so popular, that some know his name and look and have never even seen a single Freddy movie.  He is America’s Anti-Hero.  A must see for any horror fan.

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