Say Hello to Sarah Chun


This is Sarah Chun.  She is a professional dancer for the Kansas City Ballet.  Her favorite postures include savasana (who doesn’t LOVE savasana), Standing Seperate Leg Stretching, and Fixed Firm.   On the opposite end of the spectrum, Standing Seperate Leg Head to Knee and Toe Stand are her least favorites.   To accent her dancing she’s done yoga for a little over 3 years, Bikram for a little over a year.  She says “I love all kinds of yoga but Bikram really makes my body feel so awesome. It’s improved my life by strengthening my body. I am a professional ballet dancer with Kansas City Ballet so Bikram helps me with my dancing!”.  If you couldn’t tell already, Sarah LOVES to dance.  She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, eating yummy, but healthy, food, and working out.  Her favorite food is Sushi and she would just love to visit Spain.   Fun fact about Sarah, when she was young, she wasn’t actually flexible!  It was her passion for ballet that changed that!  


Thanks Sarah!  If you want to be our student next week, click here!

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