Week Three of “Countdown to Halloween”

Week One

Week Two

Thursday the 17th: Sixth Sense

“I see dead people.” Starring Bruce Willis and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  This movie is a little on the mild side when it comes to the horror content.  Don’t get me wrong, its freaky, but its not watch with the lights on freaky.  It is rated PG-13 so its not too terribly intense, but it is definitely a compelling story.  M. Night Shyamalan LOVES twists, and each of his movies tend to have one major twist.  Sixth Sense is no different.  Each of his movies are usually only worth watching once (like The Village..) but the Sixth Sense has some rewatch value.  Check it out if you have never seen it.

Friday the 18th: World War Z

Our first zombie movie of the count down (wont be the last, and honestly wont be the best).  A typical summer blockbuster, VERY FUN to watch, not the best movie I’ve ever seen.  I spent more time laughing at the movie and zombies than jumping or being startled.  That being said, I loved every minute I spent in the movie theater watching it.  As usual Brad Pitt was fantastic in his role.  The thing that made this movie so comical and hard to consider a GREAT zombie movie was it was SO convenient.  In fact, it was so convenient that I coined the phrase “World War Z Convenient.”  Of course surviving the zombie apocalypse will be a little easier if you happen to work for the United Nations.  Again, it was fun to watch.  Worth at least one watch for its big budget flashy glory.

Saturday the 19th: Interview with a Vampire

Based on The Vampire Chronicles series by Ann Rice, Interview with a Vampire tells a story of the Vampire Lestat.   Interview with a Vampire is partially set in Early America New Orleans, with excellent costuming and scenery.  The story follows Lestat changing a man, Louis, who just lost his wife and infant in child birth and had little will to live.  Lestat gave him a reason to live after turning him into a vampire.  Lestat is head strong to say the least and has no respect for the ‘code of secrecy’ most vampires follow.  Louis struggles with having to take lives in order to feed.  The movie is a masterpiece of film making.  The costuming is wonderful, the writing is lovely, and the filming is perfect.  You grow to love these characters and truly understand their struggle.

Sunday the 20th: Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned is a near-decade-after-the-fact sequel to Interview with a Vampire.  It also tells another story of Lestat.  At some point he grew bored with the world and went to sleep for a couple centuries.  Waking back up he decides its finally time to go truly public with vampirism.  He finds a garage band and promises to make all of their dreams of fame and fortune come true.  This movie feels VERY different from its predecessor.  The story, though compelling enough to make it worth watching, is no where near as engrossing as the first movie.  Most of the movie is Lestat posturing for the other vampires and daring them to come attack him for living in the open (rather literally, and they do).  Once again though, costuming is extremely well done, as well as sound track and acting.  Well worth a watch.

Monday the 21st: The Mist

Imagine this, a mysterious storm comes in, bringing a creepy, mysterious, thick mist; where are you?  Where do you want to be?  What a better place than a grocery store!  If you are going to be locked in and locked down, might as well do it where you have plenty of food.  This movie centers around a group of people trying to survive a mist that brings monsters and other creatures out to play.   The Mist sits somewhere between an alien invasion movie and a zombie apocalypse.  It is well made and directed.  Based off of a short story written by Stephen King, The Mist has a solid plot mixed with some real shocks at human behavior.  Danger and unknown can push humans to act desperate and think less humanely and more selfishly.  The ending of this movie is one of the darkest I have ever seen.

Tuesday the 22nd: The Hills Have Eyes

First of all, do not watch this movie if you are planning on taking a journey through the American Southwest.  Just don’t.  Second of all, this movie falls under a genre I personally am not all that into.  Story is rather weak.  The movie gets its scares from gore and pure atrocities rather than spooks, twists, and the unknown.   That being said, it is a well made movie.   Lots of screams, gushing blood, and exposed guts make the movie what it is.   A family’s car breaks down in the desert at the site of a nuclear test ground.  The United States Government thought the area was vast and empty, but naturally it was not.  There is a disfigured, deformed, and thoroughly angry family living at the site of the testing grounds.  Was the family’s car breaking down a random moment, or was it more?

Wednesday the 23rd: Thir13en Ghosts

Thir13en Ghosts blurs the line between comedy and horror.  Whether the blur was intentional or unintentional, the world will never know.  Starring Tony Schalhoub and Matthew Lillard, Thir13en Ghosts tells the story of a wealthy collector that dies.  He does not collect stamps or coins, instead he collected ghosts.  A group of people including relatives, lawyers, and a ghost rights activist enter the house.  Soon they find themselves in a trap to open the eye of hell.  The different ghosts are creative and the movie is fun to watch.  Each of the different ghosts has a unique theme and is accordingly costumed to fit it.  Tony Shalhoub, as usual, is excellent in the movie.  Thir13en Ghosts may not fright you as much as others on our countdown, but it is still fun to watch!


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