Meet Aaron Blosser!



Last week we met Kathi Blosser, now its time for her other half, Aaron.  Bikram Yoga was his first yoga, and he’s been at the studio for about a year.  His favorite posture is Rabbit, and his least favorite is Camel.  He came to Bikram Yoga after his sister and then wife started practicing.  He says “No more aches and pains for sitting down at work all the time. I’m not as stressed as I used to be.”.  Outside of the Hot Box he just loves San Antonio Spurs basketball.  He married his lovely wife Kathi 11 years ago and they have three fuzzy kids (dogs).  He is a Credit Analyst and loves smoked sausage.  If he could vacation anywhere it would be Australia.  He was in play at New Theater Restaurant.  


Thanks Aaron! If you want to be a part of the student spotlight click here!  See you next week when we meet Sarah Chun. 



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