Introducing Kathi Blosser


Meet Kathi Blosser.  Kathi is a dog lovin’, student registerin’, cookin’ yogini!  She works at JCCC as the Associate Registrar and just loves helping students on their educational journey.  She lives at home with her “hubby” and their three pups.  They have a 14 year old Pomeranian -Poofie,  a 6 year old Japanese Chin -Kimmie, and a 3 year old Maltese -Frodo.  She loves asian noodle soups, especially Pho.  She wants to vacation in either France or Greece someday.  Outside of Yoga Kathi loves tho volunteer for organizations such as the KC Ballet, Harvesters, and JCCC GEI Conservation Partners.  She adores supporting the arts, attending local performances and would “move into the Nelson if they would let (her)”.   She enjoys hanging out with her husband, family, and friends (and of course the puppies).  She loves to cook and share her cooking.  Kathi enjoys to read and manages two book clubs.  She absolutely prefers real books over electronic ones.  She times herself putting puzzles together.  The puzzle must be 1000 pieces or more for this puzzle fan.  ABBA and Morrisey are played daily in her life. 

 Kathi has tried different styles of yoga off and on since the age of 20 and grew up with family members practicing and teaching yoga.  Although she enjoyed yoga, she didn’t feel she truly conected with a style until Bikram in September 2012.  She now believes she found her constant.  Currently, her favorite posture is Camel.  She used to be apprehensive about Camel and it made it nervous (as most of us have) but now she just can’t get enough!  She does not have a least favorite posture.  All the postures are part of the yoga journey for her and each day she takes it one posture at a time, being mindful of where she needs to work harder or pull back.  

When asked “Why Bikram?” she said ” My Sister-in-law had been practicing for several years and always recommended it.  One day out of the blue I decided to go with her to a class at BYKC.  I have never regretted it!  I am able to deal with stress better! I feel better, sleep better, and can deal with things on a moment by moment basis, before I had a harder time quieting my thoughts and mind. Bikram Yoga has taught me to take things in that moment and to focus on just that one thing or feeling.   Before when I would get home from work I would feel drained and my back would be achy, my feet would ache, and my shoulders would hurt.  Not anymore and the more I go in a week the better I feel! Especially when I attend a class after a long work day, I can sleep better and let the worries and stress of my day go and melt away!  My hubby and I both practice together and I enjoy being able to share the love of Bikram Yoga together! Plus I could name 1000 other reasons how it has improved my life, the benefits that I have experienced are never ending!”


Thank you for such detailed answers Kathi!  Next week’s student is Aaron Blosser.  Our first male to participate! =D.  If you want to be our next Student Spotlight, click here!

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