Meet Lisa Adams


This week’s student is Lisa Adams.  She is in her 10th year of yoga practice.  2 1/2 of those are Bikram  years.   She is a nurse and massage therapist.   Her favorite posture is Standing Bow, and her least favorite is Locust.  She says she loves that every posture is designed with a medical benefit in mind.  She also says “BIKRAM yoga gives me a sense of self and serenity that I have never had. Everything works better, my digestion, my memory, problem solving, I sleep better and my work is VERY physical so this keeps me grounded and keeps me free of “congestion” of my systems and of course eases muscle tension.” Lisa has a daughter at KU, an 11 year old cat named Patches and family scattered throughout the US.  If she could go anywhere on vacation she says its a toss up between Italy to learn to cook or India to study aryuvedic wellness!

Lovely to meet you Lisa!  Next week’s student will be Kathi Blosser.  If you want to participate click here


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