Count Down to Halloween

October is here and the time for jack-o-laterns, ghosts, and goblins is upon us.  Each day until Halloween I will review a scary movie!  I will make a new post each Thursday but make sure you check them daily for updates!  On Halloween day all classes are FREE if you come in costume.  Have a friend that wants to try the yoga?  Dress them up and bring them in!

For the first movie review: The Lost Boys

This is my all time favorite movie.  Literally.  I saw it for the first time when I was two years old (much to my mother’s dismay) and probably 1000 times since then.  An 80’s classic starring a young Kiefer Sutherland, both the Corys, and Diane West.  It follows a family that moves to Santa Carla and has a serious vampire problem to deal with.  Quirky characters and delightfully cheesy one-liners carry this movie.  The soundtrack is no less than excellent.  It is an October MUST WATCH.

Our Friday Movie: Mama

Produced by the creator of Pan’s Labyrinth (another must see) Guillermo Del Toro, comes Mama.  A terrifyingly excellent movie about a couple trying to adopt the man’s two very young nieces.  The girls were abandoned in the forest for 5 years and survived with the help of an unlikely “friend”.  Most horror movies hide the ghosts/monsters/killers/whatever else, in shadowy shots to keep the horror throughout the movie.  Mama shows you the antagonist at the beginning, and she is still terrifying at the end.  Wonderful cinematography carries this film.  The acting and story line aren’t too shabby either.

Saturday Night Fright:  Night Watch and its sequel Day Watch

Night Watch and Day Watch are Russian movies about “The Other’s” and the battle between good and evil.  They are both wonderful in their own ways.  Night Watch is darker, grittier, with a smaller budget.  Day Watch is flashier, more polished and obviously had a much bigger budget.  The characters are simply delightful and the take on witches, vampires, shape shifters, and other supernatural beings is rather unique.  They MUST be watched with subtitles in their original language (Russian).  The subtitles are uniquely designed to accent the movies and dubbing usually looses so much depth.  In my opinion, Night Watch is the superior movie, but both are worth a watch.

Sunday Terror: The Shining

A classic in the horror genre.  Almost everyone has heard of “Redrum”.  An incredible look into isolation and the madness it can cause.  If one can actually pick Jack Nicholson’s best performance, this would easily be in the running.  This movie was destined for greatness even before the release, written by Stephen King, starring Jack Nicholson and directed by Stanley Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, 2001: Space Odyssey) how could it go wrong?  Again, an absolute must see!

Monday Horror: Insidious

One of the best and creative horror flicks to come out in the last five years.   The story follows a young family that moves into a seemingly haunted house.  One of their sons falls into an unexplainable coma and suddenly the hauntings take a chillingly worse turn.  The twists and turns of this movie keep it interesting while the filming and almost “Indie” movie feel the ghosts have make it very fun to watch.  It mixes, creepy, compelling and “pop out at you scary” wonderfully.  Unlike most horror movies, the ending was my favorite part.

Tuesday Scare: The Blair Witch Project

One the most underrated, overrated movies of all time.  It had an enormously positive release when it came out, but it seems over time its popularity fell.   Three improv actors starred in and filmed the movie.  The move is more situational and environmental horror. Nothing really jumps out to scare you, but if you put yourself in their shoes, its terrifying.  The movie only had a 68 page script and most of the dialogue was improvised.  Each actor received a daily clue  to keep the forward motion of the film.   No single actor knew the entire plan to keeping feel of the movie confusing and scary.  It’s short, sweet, and definitely worth a watch.

Wednesday Thrill: Ammityville Horror

I must admit, I was first drawn to this movie because of Ryan Reynolds.  I loved him in Waiting and Van Wilder.  I was slightly curious about how his normal sarcastic cool guy role would translate to horror (Blade Trinity does not count).  I was very pleased with his performance.  The story for this movie is relatively unoriginal (probably thanks to the original making a new standard).  A family moves into a house that previously had a grisly murder in it.  The family has a rough time.  BUT it is definitely worth checking out, as is the original.

Thanks for reading this week’s movie reviews!  Check out the new post for more tomorrow!

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