An Update on Fundraising and Up and Coming at BYKC!

We would like to start out this post with a huge THANK YOU to all of our fantastic community.  Thank you for being here, thank you for making this community the beautiful thing it is.  We recently needed your help for a very important cause.  One of your fellow community members was in great need after being diagnosed with cancer and had no health insurance.  The way everyone banded together to help Meredith was touching and inspiring.  We started with asking for items for a silent auction.  The response was overwhelming with not only items but yogi’s donating their time and talents.  

On June 1st John T. Carter, our 91 year old yogi, donated his time to teach a completely donation only class.  A special thank you to John for teaching the class.  That class had a huge turnout and raised $800!!! The cover to get into the class was only $10 but most people donated much more.  We had a fun class with John and a lovely reception afterwards.  

On June 15th we closed the silent auction.  The silent auction raised $1700!  We were so happy to be able to send such a wonderful sum down to Meredith.  

Just recently on July 11th we were happy to host Esak Garcia, who donated his time and came on his own dime.  He taught a wonderful, inspiring, and educative 2 hour long class.  The tickets were $45 with 100% donated straight to Meredith.   Esak’s class raised $1500!  Thank you to everyone who was able to come out for that class.  Thank you to everyone who willingly gave up their evening Thursday 4:30 or 6:30 classes that we closed for Esak’s class.  All together the community raised approximately $4000 for Meredith!  That is enough for an entire chemo therapy cocktail!  

We are so honored to have been a part of such a wonderful cause.  We are also truly honored and inspired to serve a community that came come together and help one of their own in such an awe inspiring way.  Thank you to everyone who comes to BYKC.  Even if you did not donate any items or money, thank you for coming in donating your energy.  Some of you expressed your classes were dedicated to Meredith.  Those positive and healing vibes are just as valuable as any material donation.    Thank you again, to everyone, for everything!


Coming soon to BYKC!:

July 18th is Alex’s birthday.  Being a summer birthday Alex never really got to take snacks to school to share with her classmates on her birthday.  She is making up for that by bringing fruit for the Thursday classes.  Join us and enjoy a little snack after class. 

Here at BYKC we love a good challenge! (As if the torture chamber is not challenging enough…) We are starting a 30 day challenge.  The 30 day challenge will run August 1st-30th.   To celebrate and prepare for the 30 day challenge we are offering a yoga sale!  You can get a One Month Unlimited for the low price of $90.69!  The sale is only happening from July 31st – August 1st so make sure you take advantage of the sale!  


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