A Testimonial From Kathi Blosser!

“BYKC has truly changed my life.  Since I have started Bikram Yoga at this studio,  I have never felt stronger.  I feel stronger in my mind, body, and spirit!  I no longer carry stress in my body.  Before I would need 1-2 massages a month just to try and keep stress free and keep my shoulder and back from hurting.   All I need now is Bikram Yoga to feel stress free & happy.  I feel that I am able to deal with stress and the ups & downs of life so much better.  I truly look forward to every class!  Everyone in the studio is extremely friendly and helpful.  I learn something new every time I am in class.  The instructors are amazing!  Angela, the director, is AWESOME!  She is extremely helpful and I have learned so much from her help during class.  By practicing Bikram Yoga I feel like I can do anything!  I am forever grateful and thankful for that wonderful 1st day when I walked into the studio to give it a try.  From the first day I knew that I would be a Bikram Yogi for life!  Thanks BYKC for changing my life for the better!”


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