A Time for Celebration and Thanks

This weekend is my (Angela) 10th Anniversary for teaching Bikram Yoga!!  It has been a wonderful 10 years with peaks and valleys but always a happy smiling face!  I love this yoga and all it has done for my life and those around me.  Thank you for being a part of my journey and please come in this weekend to celebrate life, love and YOGA with me.   Here’s to another 10 years in the HOT BOX!!


5 thoughts on “A Time for Celebration and Thanks

  1. WOW! congratulations on a huge milestone! it has been my honor to practice with you- and at your studio with wonderful teachers- for a portion of that time.

  2. Thank you Angela for your dedication to Bikram Yoga Method and your happy smiling face. It has been a pleasure to see your progress since I first met you six years ago, you have become more confident each year and as your confidents grows your aura glows that my friend is absolutely beautiful. john t.

  3. Congrats, blessings, and love!!! Cheers to 10 more…can’t wait for the next ten!!!! XO love you!

    From my HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network

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