Bikram Choudhury is coming to Kansas City!

Thats right, you read it correctly, Bikram Choudhury is coming to Kansas City.  He will be here October 20th to present a three hour lecture.  Stay posted for more details!


3 thoughts on “Bikram Choudhury is coming to Kansas City!

  1. Angela, this is fantastic. I do not know how you accomplished this event. Bikram now has over 5,000 studios all over the world and all wanting him to visit their studio and city. “Congratulations!” john t.

  2. Angela, i can’t wait to get the details. Really exciting. Thanks for your fast reply to my earlier email regarding this event.

  3. R.W.,I know, I spent 6 years in the Army!As I said, these are ridiculous ideas, but they would be efvfetice if anyone used them. Besides, although I did not spell it out in the post, the idea would be to at least let your food settle before you started doing any strenuous exercise. It takes the body awhile to process something out of the bloodstream and then store it as bodyfat.In addition, no one said these needed to be marathon exercises sessions. A 30 minute brisk walk after every meal would probably be more than sufficient to burn up the calories consumed during that meal.Believe me, I’ve tried to exercise intensely after a big meal it doesn’t work!

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