What a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

Bikram Yoga Kansas City would like to thank everyone who helped make last weekend such a success!!!

This weekend we had Regionals and Mary Jarvis gave a fantastic seminar.  We couldn’t have done this all without YOU!  First, we want to congratulate all of our competitors!  Especially Joel VanderVelde (who took 1st in the Men’s Division) and Jessica Johnson (who took 2nd in the Women’s).  We are so proud of you and your practice!! 

Next, we want to think everyone who came out for Mary Jarvis’s seminar!  It was a wonderful experience for all those who could attend and we were so happy to have her here at BYKC!  Not only did we enjoy a day with a wonderful Yogini, but we raised money for Angela’s cousin’s battle against breast cancer!  It is truly inspiring!  Thank you, again, to everyone who came out and supported the cause! 

Do not miss out on the 40 day challenge that started on Sunday!  Jump in and do daily yoga!!  Let the challenge push and transform you! You wont regret it!

What’s the next thing in store for BYKC?

John T. Carter, one of our happy smiling faces at BYKC, will be teaching a FREE class on Saturday October 8th at 12PM in honor of his 89th birthday!! Come celebrate his life with him in the hot box! Please no gifts, but donations for Harvesters of Kansas City will be greatly appreciated!


Our schedule is back to normal.  The next class closing will be Monday October 31st.  The 6:30 will be closed for that day only.  But dont worry, we will remind  you again closer to the day!


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