Brain-Tapping Presentation

May 22, 2-3pm

H.E.A.R.T. (Human Emergence and Rapid Transformation) is a personal growth process that helps people tap into the highest most evolved part of their brain – where we feel more focused, productive, and confident.

Participants work with a facilitator and undergo a series of sessions which literally bring energy to the part of the brain where our potential is. People report feeling more joy, clarity, and focus – and a person starts to feel more fearless and empowered as they are driven from within to make positive changes in their life – which leads to their higher self manifesting in the world!

Join us on Saturday, May 22 from 2-3pm as we learn about this revolutionary process that is changing medicine, psychology and spirituality as we know it. There will only be room for 40 people, so RSVP today by emailing

Here is what participants are saying about the process:

  • “I am more at ease. I feel less stress. I am more able to roll with what happens. I am gaining a stronger sense of purpose and I feel a greater sense of self-worth.”
  • “I’m organizing my office that’s been needing to be organized for years.”
  • “I am interacting better with my daughter/sis-in-law.”
  • “I am becoming more intuitive as a massage therapist”
  • “I am extremely focused and productive-the thought of all that I have to do doesn’t cause the stress that it did. My muscles are more relaxed than they’ve ever been. I’m so much more orgainzed in my home, office, and life.”
  • “easier to get going in the morning and get things done.”
  • “I’ve tried a lot of things and this works better than any of it.”
  • “I’m not having negative thoughts like I used to.”
  • “I’m getting more done during the day.”
  • “more energy, no caffeine or need for something sweet at 3pm! More efficient during day- more awake, deep sleep, less insomnia.”


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