Yoga Nerd Throwdown III

All right!  We are really in the swing of practicing a lot now.  Even excluding the ones who are participating in 30-day and 101-day challenges, many enthusiastic students have ramped up their practices this winter.  Yes, it is freezing now, but it will be swimsuit weather before you know it.

This time, the Yoga Nerd Throwdown is partnering with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to raise money for their programs.  The standard Yoga Nerd Throwdown principles apply, with a twist:

  • Date:  Saturday, March 20.  Class times are 9am & 4:30pm.
  • Question your potential and stamina.  Challenge yourself to do two yoga classes in one day.
  • If you are on a class card, the second class will not be deducted from your remaining membership. (Psst…this is true of any day, not just on Yoga Nerd Throwdown days.)
  • Grab a registration packet at the front desk.
  • Get sponsors to support your Yoga Nerd efforts.
  • Win prizes in accordance with the St. Judes donation tiers.  Only $35 raised will win you a T-shirt, with more prizes the more you raise!
  • If you are not interested in doing the Yoga Nerd Throwdown, you are still welcome to collect donations to help St. Judes. (Of course!)

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