Please Vote on a New Year’s Eve Class

Would you be interested in attending a late-night class on New Year’s Eve?

If we have a late-night class, it would start at 10:30pm and end at midnight.  Potluck party in the lobby afterwards.  Bring your own beverage.  We need at least fifteen people to commit.  Give us your feedback!  Should we do this?

If you vote yes, please comment on this post so we know who you are.  Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Please Vote on a New Year’s Eve Class

  1. I’m hoping we hit our target (15). I’ve done these New Year’s Eve classes a few times (NY, Chicago, LA) – they’re great. Doing something healthy, and doing it with the friends who make up our community – I can’t think of a better way to greet 2010. And then, once we breathe, sweat and get our asses kicked… we get to pig out and drink champagne. Now, I ask you – how can you beat that? Vote “Yes” for the New Year’s Eve class.

    • Bikram is the best thing i have ever done for my body. I have given up training in a gym. Bikram has trrosfnamed by aching body to a much more toned and pain free body, the heat is a major factor a bit daunting at first but doesnt take long to get used to. Its something that everybody should try. i have been having physio for the last 6 weeks and today i was told by him that my body is knot free and in great condition..the whole treatment was painless which proves that bikram rocks!!!

  2. If we don’t go to Colorado I will be there AND drag Mr. Mike with me. Sounds like a great way to bring in 2010! Hard to believe we’re 10 years into this century.

  3. I would love to take us into a New Year with the hottest class of the year. To sweat out 2009 to start a new sounds like a party to me. Dont leave your loved ones at home. I have opened it up for any student to bring a friend and or family that has never come for free!!! The yoga school is hotter than ever CATCH THE FIRE. See you in the hot box. All my love to a safe and happy new year!

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