Another Student Writes In

I love Bikram Yoga. It’s the first “exercise” I’ve done without the purpose of losing weight, gaining muscle, or even physical health (those are just bonuses). I started it as a way to save myself. And it’s working.

Before Bikram yoga, I fought depression, anxiety and had even had a few frightening panic attacks. Anti-depressants were recommended, but I was fearful of the side affects. Instead, I researched alternatives and learned about the healing qualities of yoga. For reasons I cannot explain, I was intensely drawn to Bikram’s style and to the 39th street studio. I soon gave into this force and joined my first class. I was surprised by the support I received starting my very first day. The yoga and the people I met in the studio changed my life. Even my son noticed the change and told me “You are a better mom when you are doing yoga.”

I’ve experienced too many benefits to list, but here are a few: self acceptance; stress reduction; increased ability to “let go”; less anger and judgment toward other people and myself; increased flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and balance; more routine and healthier eating habits; increased ability to focus; drastic reduction in IBS symptoms; slower rise to anger, increased ability to deal with pain; identification of physical and inner weaknesses and strengths

The Steam in the Room Lifts the Fog from my Mind – Lisa


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