Student Testimonials Wanted, Please!

We recently received the following:


Hi Angela, I feel so much better when I am going to yoga class at least 3 times a week.  I have osteoarthritis and it eases my aching body!  I don’t know why… an increase in muscle strength around the joints?  Even, my hands feel better.  It was painful when I started, especially in my knees, but that decreased as time passed.  I consider it preventive medicine.  And it’s fun.    — Jean.


The seal has been broken!  See what other students are saying, and submit your story.


One thought on “Student Testimonials Wanted, Please!

  1. Besides loving the sweat I love the challenge Bikram’s method gives me. A challenge like no other and it is all for my great health and happy life. I like many have much stress in my life. To be encouraged and supported to let it all go for 90 minutes is why I RUN for the door before it gets locked for class!! Smiles.

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