Open Play Time

We recently had our first Open Play Time.  On November 7, it was a beautiful and warm autumn morning.  Nearly 30 students got out of bed and packed the 9am class.  Twelve students stayed afterwards to ask questions, get specialized coaching, and hands-on corrections from our teachers.

Angela, Kristen, and BeaDSCF3006studentsDSCF3001DSCF3016DSCF3000

The feedback we got was pretty amazing and positive.  We’ll definitely be doing this again soon!


4 thoughts on “Open Play Time

  1. Thank you so much for the Yoga Play Day!! The individual attention was invaluable. I learned some minor adjustments that have helped me become better aligned. The peace of mind and confidence of performing the postures more correctly will surely help me focus more attention on my breath and moving toward my posture goals.

  2. Nov 7th was my first open play with students, it was more special than I ever imaged it could be. As a teacher I loved the brake down of the asanas that the students wanted to work on. Discussing the important points but also helping each find the potential that is wanting to shine. And of course feeding everyone when it was over.. Thanks so much to you all for the experience and knowledge you are giving me. See you next play day!!!

  3. Thank you so much for coming students! I had so much fun getting to explain the parts of the postures that can only be talked about when we have more time. There is SO much room for growth in all of us! I look forward to the next one!
    Love you all

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