Yoga Nerd Throw Down

Last night, the studio hosted the first-ever Yoga Nerd Throw Down.  We threw out the idea of a public endurance test to see if it would catch on.  Boy, did it ever.  15 people came to the 4:30 class and stayed for the 6:30 class — a back-to-back yoga double-header.

The energy in the room was intense.  More than 30 people attended the first class.  We were astounded that half — half! — stayed for another, supported by the collective strength and determination of the people doing the double and the people cheering for them.  Many of those students had never even done two classes in one day, and even fewer had done two classes back-to-back.  One of our students, Melissa, did the double that night……and never stopped coming to class.  Last we checked, she had been attending class daily and was doing 4:30/6:30 doubles every Monday night.

Also, those 15 students don’t include the handful of people who heard about the Throw Down and pledged to do their own 4:30/6:30 double in their current cities.  We had friends in Vancouver, Colorado, and Kansas all taking the same challenge on the same day.  Talk about a global community.

We’re planning the next one to be at the beginning of January.  Please consider joining us!


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